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Giglio is a company present on the Italian market since 2011, from 2018 the Arluno Establishment (MI).

The Company operates in the sector of disposal and recycling of exhausted catalysts and, although present recently in the Italian market, it is guaranteed the presence throughout the national territory.

Thanks to the close collaboration with a worldwide consortium, which brings together several of our sister companies, we are also able to work on the international scene, from Switzerland to Dubai.

Giglio gives you a hand, let's do it together!

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Our strengths

Our strong growth in market presence is mainly due to the respect of fair competition, but also because we:

We buy

Ceramic Catalysts

Composed of a carcass with ceramic inside. Opened, we extract the contents, reduced to powder and mixed. All catalysts are cataloged after being analyzed and the value is determined based on the amount of precious material they contain. The price is determined and updated daily with the trend of the exchange.

Metallic Catalysts

Composed of a carcass with metallic foil inside. After opening the material is processed and the washcoat is separated from the foil. The value is determined the same way as the ceramic catalysts.

Cables with Copper Conductors

Insulated and uninsulated copper wire from vehicles, electronics and other devices. Price is determined by the purity of the copper and current market prices.

Motors, alternators, compressors

Various metals from motors alternators and compressors. Consisting mainly of copper from the windings.

Electronic Scrap

E-waste, computer parts and other electronics boards and chips. Price is determined by the grade and quantity of the material and prices of the exchange.

The collection

We make free material collection throughout the country.


The price offered is based on the results of the analysis and on the market value of precious metals on the current day.


Metal prices can be found on www.thebulliondesk.com or www.ippm.com/statistic.aspx


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Via Triestina Z.I. “D” access
30020 Torre di Mosto (VE)

Company/Vat Code: IT01520440098
SDI code: M5UXCR1

Torre di Mosto

Via Triestina Z.I. “D” access
30020 Torre di Mosto (VE)
Tel: +39 0421 461839
Fax: +39 0421 314209
Email: info@gigliorecycling.com

Arluno (Milano)

Via Enzo Ferrari, 10
20010 Arluno (Milano)
Tel: +39 0290 15862
Email: milano@gigliorecycling.com


Via dei Tamarindi, 41
00134 Roma
Email: roma@gigliorecycling.com
Tel.: +39 0699 341569

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